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We love to introduce and educate our customers about the close relationship between plants and their environment.  By following the practice of “the right plant for the right place”, we advocate choosing plants and plant combinations based on existing site conditions. This results in landscapes that are sustainable, low maintenance and filled with year round interest and/or color.


Atlantic Nurseries has developed these plant guides to assist designers in selecting plant companions for specific site conditions on Long Island and New York metropolitan area.

Our goal is to help you create beautiful, enduring and viable plantings.

NATIVE Plant Recommendations

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Plants Guides created to help you find the perfect Native for any setting.

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Wet or Dry, Sun or Shade, these Guides will help you make the best choices.

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Disease and Invasive Plant Substitutions

DEER Resistant Plants

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If deer are an issue on your site, plan for success by selecting deer resistant plants right from the start.

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