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  • MD - Such a wonderful man, and wonderful horticulturist. It's nice at least that he and Elisabeth are together once again. I'm sure he's been missing her cooking...

  • DA - I always enjoyed his company and wit. He was a wealth of knowledge and just a great guy. Rest In Peace 🙏🙏🙏

  • Gisela Schaefer Cronk So comforting to read such kind words during this difficult time. Peace in knowing he is with my mom in heavens garden

  • CV -Yes, a true gentleman & wonderful nursery!

  • JB -What a kind man willing to share his knowledge. A true plantsman!🌲

  • BN - So sorry to hear the news. Fritz was a real gentleman, always willing to share his knowledge. He will be missed!

  • JN - Thank you for sharing. Such sad news, such a gentleman. The picture so wonderfully captures both Fritz's and Elizabeth's spirit.

  • CN - Wow!😢 A sad day indeed. Fritz was a legend in the industry. I never met a man more knowledgeable and passionate about plants. Not to mention his absolute genius landscape designing skills. RIP…

  • FE - I worked at Atlantic for two summers after graduating Farmingdale,,, in the early 80s. Sometimes after a day we would walk over to there residence on the property , his wife had beehives and she would be tending to her bees,,

  • I have fond memories of those years ,, It’s the memory we share that live on & takes root ,,,,My condolences to the family,,,🙏🙏🙏

  • JA - I remember Fritz! RIP. He was a teacher to me back when I started out in the mid 80s.

  • Thank you Fritz!

  • AKS - Oh no! I’m so sad to hear that. Fritz was a very nice man and I remember him fondly.

  • LK - Sorry to hear that he will be missed, out thoughts are with you all

  • M-JH - Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that. Yes, safe journey

  • AS - So sorry to hear of Fritz's passing. I will always remember his love for plants and his quiet humor. It was an honor to work for such a fine company.

  • BB - My deepest condolences to the family. I recall many fond memories working at Atlantic and sharing brief moments along side Fritz. He was a kind man and gentleman always. He will be greatly missed but never forgotten.

  • GB - Such sad news. He was such a kind man and friend to the Horticulture programs at Farmingdale State College.

  • KM - So sad to hear. What a great man!

  • BZ - A true industry icon that will truly be missed. Wishing our condolences

  • CDV -So sorry to hear. Loved talking with him at his nursery.

  • JT - My condolences to all, a great person, and leader MS - My condolences and sympathies.......

  • BD - I am happy that I had the opportunity to get to know him in his later years!!

  • JV - He was special!!

  • JCsr. - Wonderful man.

  • SF - Sending condolences and prayers

  • BS - Great guy, and such a gentleman

  • JR - Very sad news

  • DT - So sad. 💔

  • SA - He was a good man

  • JEB - So sorry 🙏🏻

  • JU - RIP 🙏

  • SLV - very sad. so sorry

  • MFJ - Oh no! How sad!

  • CBD - Sad 🙏

  • AP - Sad News

  • LS - 💔

  • ADA - 🙏🙏

  • DD - 💔💔💔 EH - Very Sad News for the Horticultural Industry!

  • Such an Amazing Man and Horticulturist! Every-time Fritz saw me shopping for plant Material he always walk over to me to talk about both our passions...plants! Loved talking with him at his nursery

  • Fritz will be missed by Many..RIP 🙏🏻 🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • CAI - his tours and chats were the best.

  • FL -Absolutely! Most days you could find Fritz in the last Greenhouse sitting on his chair and propagating. We Chatted among the plants many times!!

  • JJ - Very sorry to hear... A pioneer in the nursery industry. Even my father looked up to you with great admiration. Rest in Peace, and thank you for everything you shared with me.

  • CAI - he was alway searching for a new plant or a new technique.

  • DA - We have lost one of the great horticultural mentors of our time. He was always willing to share knowledge and encouraged countless local and exchange students in their career, myself included. He never compromised his morals or family time. A man of God who has gone home to join Elizabeth in heavens gardens. Farewell Fritz!🙏

  • DS - A legend lost 😥

  • CS - Fritz was a great man and kind soul. He urged me to go back to college and helped me put it all together. I am truly grateful for his direction and support. Rest In Peace my friend from many years ago

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Gary Carbocci
Gary Carbocci
21 Αυγ 2020

His work with plants gave me a feeling of his dynamic commitment with strong sense of love, understanding, balance, beauty, his art full work filled me with great joy wonder and fascination as he unraveled the mysteries of nature!

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